This is the very first intro for this website ‘ImmuneYoga’ which simply mean ‘Add to your Immune’.

We have these goals,

To Make you an immune expert
No expert can make you stable, It’s on you to have a good control over your lifestyle, your diet and your thinking! (yes, even your thoughts have an influence on immune receptors).

To Defeat Autoimmune Diseases from the root cause
People fear what they don’t understand, dealing with an autoimmune response is no longer hard. But, less awareness definitely make it a big hurdle.

To Eliminate Immune suppressing supplements
Some people may think, adding supplements in their diet may prevent them being nutrient deficient. But, that is obviously not true. Improper supplementation can reduce your absorption capacity, now guess how will that be?
You eat plenty of iron rich foods and still your blood report show lower hemoglobin count or even worst you are at anaemic level.

A proper supplementation only comes after a balanced / nutrient rich diet, it’s absorption and utilization, depending on how your body flush it out (!waste management).

To Make detoxification a habit
It’s tuff to flush out toxic macronutrients and heavy metals from the body. The longer it’s been there inside your body the harder it become to detox.
Certainly when you are overwhelmingly exposed to them from surroundings.

From the Makers…

  1. Do not perform an overkill, if you are making it a lifestyle.
  2. Take 42 days to give up on a single habit.
  3. Eliminating foods randomly won’t help (that’s not even called dieting, probably de-eating).
  4. Introduce 1 in a diet if you eliminate 1.
  5. Perform detoxification wisely (do not mix one to another).
  6. We’ll be posting #SundayDetox on Saturdays.
  7. Follow up 1 #SundayDetox for whole month (like #1 for 1st month) not for a week.
  8. Don’t panic if we do not post it every week, see you still have one whole month.
  9. Immune responses vary by habitat (gene factor plus area / region wise factor).
  10. Have a faith in yourself.

We’ll try to make it easy going and easy to understand, but please google if you don’t understand any specific term or a term related. Contact us regarding the same & we will bring easy to understand meanings for you!